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Monday, March 5, 2012


Below is the chart to follow for points that you can be awarded each day, or points that are awarded weekly, and in a few cases just for the entire month.

Keep your binder put together with the following items:
Daily goals, point chart breakdown, point log, collage, 18 hole story, deliberate practice article, light quote, and team goals.

You can also add materials to your binder that are motivational, educational, inspirational, etc for .5 points per item (up to 10 points)

3 points 2 points 1 point
Water W 60 oz per day 50 oz 40oz
Diet D zero fast food zero candy, cookies, sweets
Fruits & Veggies FV 2 veggies 3 fruits
Sleep ZZ 8 hours 7 hours 6 hours
School S 90-100 % on test, quiz, assignments 80-90 % 70-80%
Daily Goal DG met daily goals 100% met daily goals 90% met daily goals 80%
Practice P high effort regular effort low effort
Weights W added as much weight as possible did the usual lifted way light
Individual I extremely focused/deliberate did the usual wasn't into it
Kindness K said/did 3 random kind things said/did 2 random kind things said/did 1 random kind thing
Video V 1.5 hours / week 1 hour / week 30 min / week
Email Family EF email outside immediate family (upto 3)
Hanging out HO hang out away from inner circle 3hrs/wk hang out away from inner circle 2hrs/wk hang out away from inner circle 1hrs/wk
Spring Break Running SB 6/9 days 5/9 days 4/9 days
Blog Post/Comment B post/comment 5 times in March post/comment 4 times in March post/comment 3 times in March
School MwP meet w/ professor (upto 3 X) ~all month meet w/professor (up to 2 X) ~all month

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  1. Most successful way for me to do everything! :]