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This is for Kelsee Bone :)

Monday, September 2, 2013

Teeny & Lindsey's week to blog! ENJOY :)

Rise and shine everyone, we're off to Colorado College in Colorado Springs, Colorado! 

Bus left Cedar at 4:00 AM!!!! (yawn)

Arrived in Vegas just in time to see the beautiful sunrise :)

See ya later Vegas...

Meg stuffing her giant bag into the overhead compartment. Not an easy task when we have to fit all of our stuff for about 4 days in one bag!

And we've arrived!

Hello Colorado!!!!

Needless to say we're all a little tired while waiting at baggage claim.

Oh the things ya see in Colorado. Haha nice boots man :P

After a short practice at the field at CC, we headed off to lunch then to the hotel for nap time!

Ice bath time!!

Hotel chillen


Victory over Vermont 3-1

Both B. Browns got on the board this game. Bre (Sunshine) Brown with the first one and Bri Brown with the next two!

After a great win against Vermont, we enjoyed some yummy dinner at Old Chicago. As we were leaving we ran into a BIG, BAD, SCARY...................... Raccoon! Hahahahaha!!  A group of 18 girls and a raccoon was a very hilarious sight to see. Oh and you can't forget the coachs too. Rumor has it Becky pushed one of our center backs out of the way to save herself from the scary creature!

On Saturday, we spent our day off at the United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. Pretty cool to see where all the best athletes train! 

"Smells like a champion" - Brina

The next day we fell to Appalachian State 2-1 and sort after it was time to head back home to Cedar.

Adios Colorado!

Bus ride back to Cedar!

Although we didn't leave Colorado with two wins like we had hoped, we definitely made some great strides in the right direction. We have a great team and we're all so excited to see what the rest of the season has in store for us! #tbirdnation


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