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Friday, September 7, 2012

 How Bad Do You Want It?

This week in practice, a quote was shared, simple, yet effective, "Why not us?" After having the team come back from California with two tough losses, that simple phrase really stuck with me. Why not us? Ever since last spring we've been sacrificing our blood, sweat, and yes even tears towards the ultimate goal of this fall, to win The Big Sky championship. And why not us? We've been working hard all summer long and continuing into preseason with that same work ethic. We've spent countless hours lifting, running, practicing, watching film, and eagerly waiting for the opportunity to finally show what we're really capable of.  We've done all the work and with the help and guidance of our coaches we're more than prepared for this win tomorrow. I think the new question we need to ask ourselves tomorrow, isn't why not us, but rather, how badly do we want it?


Before practice last week, Becky shared with us the news of the West Virginia vs Stanford game, in which West Virginia ranked 25th in the nation beat the defending national champions Stanford, 1-0. The only word that could describe that match: inspirational. I think tomorrow it's our chance to be the inspiring ones, but how badly do we want that?


- B.Brown

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