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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Monday-Tuesday Group Play Schedule

Thank you everyone for making this such a great event so far. This is the remainder of the group play schedule. After a short break on Tuesday to determine seeding, tournament play for both divisions will begin at 6:00. All teams will qualify for the tournament. Seeding will be based on points. Tournament will be single elimination, but we will be providing additional consolation matches to those who would like more games.

Monday North Field
Time Team 1 Vs Team 2
5:00  Adam vs Jahna
5:30  Honey Badgers (Annie vs T3
6:00  Jahna vs KP
6:30  Shelby vs Taylor
7:00  Kirsten vs Honey Badgers (Annie
7:30  Team Losee vs Angry Dave
8:00  Syd vs Andy
8:30  Shelby vs Angry Dave
9:00  Syd vs Ya Ya
9:30  Andromeda vs Godfrey
10:00  Andy vs Ya Ya
10:30  Andromeda vs Maddie

  South Field
Time Team 1 Vs Team 2
5:00  Kirsten vs Soccer Bots
5:30  Manchesthair United  (Katie) vs Taylor
6:00   Soccer Bots vs Logan
6:30  Manchesthair United  (Katie) vs Kenzie
7:00   T3 vs Logan
7:30  Taylor vs Kenzie
8:00  Chandler vs Tessa
8:30  B Brown vs Kucamonga Killers (Nancy)
9:00  Andy vs Tessa
9:30  B Brown vs Bones
10:00  Chandler vs Teeny
10:30  Bones vs Kucamonga Killers (Nancy)

North Field
Time Team 1 Vs Team 2
4:00  Maddie vs Godfrey
4:30  KP   Adam

South Field
Time Team 1 Vs Team 2
4:00  Teeny vs Syd



  1. Thanks, it was a fun tourney, wish we could have stayed longer. Team Rumsey

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