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This is for Kelsee Bone :)

Monday, May 25, 2015

May 26, 2015

Run YOYO Test.

We had some difficulty with the audio file for the yoyo test, so if you haven't done it yet, you have Tuesday to do it also.

yoyo dropbox link


  1. Got to level 27 than the Ihome I was playing it on stopped working so I'll try to run it again soon to get an actual number.

  2. I did it this morning in the rain and got 28 but it seemed too easy. So I went back this afternoon and measured it and was off by like 1.5 meters. So I ran it again and got 23

  3. I got 25 then did an ab workout.

  4. I did it again today & I got 22. I was surprised by how much harder it was today than yesterday. It felt a lot harder.

  5. 25 & a hatred for British voices that I used to love.

  6. I got 23:) keep up the good work everyone :)

  7. I'm really proud of y'all - these are terrific scores!

    Couple things when you run these things. Make coaching points to yourself and limit the "this sucks" or the bargaining that goes on in your head "if I get to 20 then I'll rest" .... Because bargaining limits you.
    Instead focus on coaching points like:
    Have a quick start
    Explode out of turns
    Use my arms

    Those are helpful and you all know what they are.


    Btw my oldass got 20. I wish I could say there was a head wind or my shoe came untied .... But I'll own the 20 and do better next time :)

    Keep it up birds - champions in the making!!

  8. I got 20 but forgot to take my inhaler before