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This is for Kelsee Bone :)

Friday, May 8, 2015

May 8, 2015

A) Push Press 10-12 x3 sets  60%, 65%, 70%
rest 2:00 minutes between sets

B) TGU  acculate 10 with light weights. 15-35 lbs
C) Eccentric pull-up acculate 8 reps   

D1 HS Hold 30 sec
Wall facing handstand hold         
D2 hollowbody hold 30 sec
hollow body postion         
D3 arch body hold 
arch body postion  
30 sec/30 sec rest x3                        

Practice the moment for 10 minutes before doing it for time.

15 manmakers for time

Long run
3 mile @ a 8:45 pace 


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    1. My mom teaches aerobics. It was with a bar and hand weights. It's a toning class and we also had some pliometrics like jumping squats and lunges. We did the whole body-biceps, triceps, obliques, squats, lunges-similar to the one I posted about on Tuesday

    2. We also did some cleans, rows, and dead lifts but it's super light. It's more for toning so I think I did 15lbs total on those lifts. Plus my hamstrings are SO SORE from good mornings on Thursday.

  2. Thursday, May 7
    I got my wisdom teeth out so I'll be taking it easy this weekend & hopefully be good to start going hard next week.

  3. Dang that's not fun. Feel better!!!!

  4. mom is getti married today so I'll do the work out tomorrow!

  5. Goblet squat 3x10 25lb.
    Box jump 3x10
    3-way raises 3x7 with 7.5lb DBs
    Swing throughs with push-up and tricep dip. 3x8
    RDL 3x10 65lb
    Single arm DB press 3x8 each arm 20lb DB.
    Lunges 3x10 each leg holding 20lb DBs.
    Ab workout: 15 sit ups, 15 toe touches with 15lb med ball, 20 russian twists with 15lb med ball. x3
    Ran 1.5 miles to the gym to workout and ran 1.5 miles back home.

  6. wasn't able to go toe the gym so i tried to change up some stuff so i could do it at home:
    pushups: 8-10x3
    abs: 30 of everything x2
    toe touches
    Russian twist
    sit ups/crunches
    tricep dips 12x3
    and i did everything else after the pullups

  7. 2 hour soccer practice with fitness build in!

    My Dad home from Afghanistan today so didn't have time for the gym today will do it tomorrow!

  8. push press: 3x10 with 45, 50, 50 lbs
    TGU with 10 lbs
    -did the eccentric pull ups
    -did hand stand hold
    - 3x 30 secs of hollow body and arch body
    15 man makers: 3:44

    2.7 miles of some dune/beach run. I used "strava", which is a really neat and helpful app because it tells you your exact mileage, time you've been running, and mile split times. For what I ran, I had 24:12 and had a 8:15/mi split pace.

  9. Tackling this work out tomorrow morning!!

  10. pushpressed Coop who weights a whopping 16 lbs x 20 reps
    TGU with 10db
    did pull-ups yesterday so skipped this
    hs hold no way 30 sec but better than nada
    arch and hollowbody decent

    doing manmakers and 3 miles tomorrow … obviously didn't learn the lesson from Wed, but making it happen for sure. Alarm set and ready to do it.

    1. 3:10 manmaker with 10lb switched to knee push-ups
      Ran the 800m from the other day. Ran for time not distance @3:30 per and just went as hard as I could go without falling off my parents treadmill (due primarily to fatigue but also because it's a skinny old thing that sounds like it's from Russia or Bulgaria)

  11. Had 2 hrs of practice yesterday

    Didn't get to the workout yesterday cause I have the second round playoff game today so I didn't want to be sore or anything for that. I'll get back to the workouts tomorrow.

  12. Squats 3x10
    Lunges 3x10
    Calf raises 3x10
    Press 3x10
    Laterals/frontals 3x10
    Cleans 3x6
    Med ball step ups 3x12
    Med ball core twists 3x20
    Med ball throw downs 3x10

  13. 2 Indoor Games
    Ran 5k in 24:21

  14. Have two full 90 min games this weekend
    I did mobility work:
    Lots of Stretching
    2x10 air squats
    2x10 side lunges
    Short sprints 15 by 18 yard box
    4 lap cool down around field

  15. Push press at 95 lbs
    TGU @ 15 lbs
    man makers @15 lbs at 1:44

  16. 4 mile run
    push press with 45lb, 50, 55
    TGU with 15lbs
    hand stands- 3 sets of hollow and arch!
    then also the 15 man makers

    Finished off later in the evening with a 1.5 hr practice

  17. Push Press: 55, 60, 65
    TGU: 15
    Handstands were not 30 seconds by any means but I did my best
    15 man makers: 3:01

    1. Also did the running on a treadmill. HATE treadmills, but figured it out given we got almost 5 inches of snow this weekend :)

  18. Thursday May 7th-
    4 sets of:
    1 165 lb sled sprint (60 yards)
    1 bear crawl (60 yards)
    1 jog (60 yards) couldn't sprint because of shins
    1 165 lb sled sprint (60 yards)

    1 set of:
    1 Air Assault 20/10 intervals (4 minutes)

    4 sets of:
    10 20 lb MB ball slams
    30 speed squats

    1 set of:
    1 Air assault 20/10 intervals (4 minutes)

    Friday May 8th-
    4 sets of:
    4 85 lb power cleans (were super easy, so next time will go up in weight)

    3 sets of:
    20 (10 each arm) shoulder external rotation
    20 (10 each arm) PNF

    3 sets of:
    40 bosu ball balance catches

    4 sets of:
    10 pull-ups

    1 set of:
    1 15 floors level 10 on the Stairmaster

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