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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Please post your results!!

I believe that everybody is doing their part to workout and stay in good fitness, health and strength.  But the point of the blog is to share those experiences and accomplishments.  We do this for accountability, motivation and inspiration.  Not posting what you are doing takes away from the fabric of our team.

I went to a conference a while ago where Michelle Akers talked.  She shared how much she despised running and training on her own preparing for national team camps.  What motivated her was knowing that somewhere out there Kristine Lily was doing the workout -- and she used that as motivation to get out and run or workout.  She didn't want to get beat by Lily and she didn't want to let her down.

This speech is my motivation for creating the blog.  We have something available to us to create this same sentiment that Akers was talking about.  The blog is a place where you can look and see "oh - so and so ran a 200 in 30 seconds.  I'm going to try and beat that!"  Or on a day where you are feeling a little dumpy and you check the blog you see 18 people posted and maybe it gives you a twinge of motivation because you don't want to let them down.

It's important to stay connected and keep working hard over the summer.  A championship takes more that a couple weeks to build.  The work, the effort, the mental grind should be going on right now so when we come together in July it's a time to celebrate and start working on other important things.

Winning isn't easy.  If we can't be committed enough to post a blog comment that doesn't bode well for much tougher times down the road.  I KNOW you're doing the work - but please post it so we can all celebrate those accomplishments together.  Hard work will inspire more hard work and together we all get stronger, better, tougher and closer.  We become unstoppable!  

J And yes, participating on a teeny little blog is part of that.  Fitness is our physical foundation and as an accompaniment to that is our culture and strong connection as teammates.

Final thought for the day is that you will have testing this week.  It is IMPERATIVE that you give it 100% effort and go as hard as possible.  The results shape our programming and let us know if what Charly is having you do is on track or if it needs to be tweaked.  It's just one of those things that needs to be done and so do it the very best you can.  Positive self talk, mental strength, and a competitive outlook are all things you need to bring to the table.  Negativity won't do anything for you so just cut it out.  Please keep in mind we DONT expect you to hit 30 this week (I mean, that would be amazing but ...) so if you are at 24 and it starts to get hard don't bail bc you think you can't reach 30 and so what's the point.  Just fight super hard to go as far as possible!!


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