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This is for Kelsee Bone :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

May 6th

Weight lifting 

A)Back Squat  31X0 12-15 x3    60%, 65%, 75%   (going down for a three sec count, come up explosive)                     
B) Rear foot elevated spilt sq. 3 sec count going down and then explode up 10-12 x3   (no weights, work on doing the correct movement)      


C1)Hanging leg lowers bring your legs up and then 3 sec count going down

C2)good morning 31x3 10-12   


8 Emom 

2 Power Cleans @80% + 3 burpee

EMOM= Every minuted on the minute do the moments and then what ever time you have left is rest. 


4 x 800m w/ 3 min rest 

Record what your time is on each 800 meter run.


  1. I have a flu bug and will try and get this workout done tomorrow If I'm feeling better.

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  3. Whew...I loved this workout! I did it on my lunch break:)
    Back squat 3 x 12 bar plus 50/60/70lbs I increased each round
    Split squats 3 x 12 10/12.5/15 in each hand increased each round
    I couldn't hang from the bar bc my wrist is messed up so I did:
    laying down leg lifts holding a 20 lb weight with my shoulders off the ground lowered my legs on a 3 count x 30
    Instead of good mornings I did straight leg dead lifts 3 x 12 bar plus 50 lbs

    EMOM 8mins
    2 Power cleans bar plus 30lbs - should have gone heavier
    8 burpees - sucked bc my wrist hurts....but I pushed through

    Instead of the running I killed the spin bike for 25 minutes.

    No I am going to go crawl on a hole and sleep...

    Go out there and crush this workout!

    1. Nice tracy! Good substitute for the leg lifts!

  4. I am going to do this workout tomorrow because I did Monday's yesterday and am using this as a rest day.

    1. Perfect! if you are off the schedule its ok, just make sure to take a rest day in between the workouts.

  5. I have the first round of the state playoffs tonight for high school so I'll do a workout tomorrow.

  6. Got a concussion can't do anything this week will start next week hopefully.

    1. Yeah definitely dont do anything until you get cleared by a doctor. Concussions are serious! hope your ok!

    2. Hope you get cleared soon...concussions are the worst :/ feel better!!

  7. Played full 90 min game yesterday. Won 1-0 putting us first out of six teams.
    Going to workout later tonight

  8. May 5th
    1 1/2 hour soccer practice
    10 yard to the 18 suicides x 10 with ball different touches each time
    Back squat
    Hang cling and press
    Bench press
    Skaters, tuck jumps, rocket jumps x 6 each
    Russia twists, toe touches w/ med ball x 15
    Push ups x10
    Front plank x 45 seconds
    Do each in a circuitx3

    40 crunches
    25 sprinters
    40 heal touches

    May 6th
    1 1/2 hour soccer practice


  9. Did all on a treadmill before I lifted, probably wasn't the smartest idea, first one 3:02 didn't know how fast to go, went 10 the first lap and 9.5 second lap, super tired, went way too fast and had to take a longer break
    3:34, 7.5 first lap and a little into second lap, My time was way bad and I realized I was going way too slow so had to go 10 second lap to finish
    3:11 8.8 both laps, last 200 10
    3:13 8.8 both laps, got tired second lap and had to slow down to 8 until last 200 10
    The last two weren't too bad. With the breaks in between I was able to get through them
    Back squat x12
    75, 85, 95
    Split squat x10
    Legs killed on both, especially squat
    Hang clean
    Would be nice to know our max for everything to get an idea, I just took a guess on everything but probably could've gone heavier

    1. Forgot to add that I think the times are inaccurate because of the treadmill so I will for sure be doing it on a track next time to get the most accurate results

  10. MAY 5th
    Played a full 90 minute scrimmage and tied 3-3. I was pretty sore from mondays workout.

    MAY 6th
    I wasn't able to make it to the weight room today, so I tried to make up for the lifts with the bar with some alterations...

    3x10 single raised leg squats (3 sets on each leg)
    3x 45sec plank holds
    2x 25 side crunches (2 sets on each side)
    3x10 push ups
    3x10 tricep dips
    3x 5 burpees, with minute rest in between

    4x800s... Thought I was in better shape and that I would be faster than I went.... but
    1. 3:20
    2. 3:16
    3. 3:25
    4. 3:29

  11. Tuesday May 5th-
    4 sets of:
    15 35 lb goblet squats
    40 TRX pendulum knee tucks
    1 165 lb sled sprint (60 yards)

    4 sets of:
    40 speed squats
    30 bosu ball leg curls
    40 bosu ball plank rockers

    4 sets of:
    1 100 ft on the versa climber
    15 45 lb kettle bell swings
    20 russian lunges

    Wednesday May 6th-
    4 sets of:
    25 20 lb DB Push Press
    20 20 lb DB alternating lunge to curl
    40 plank leg lifts

    4 sets of:
    25 20 lb OH tricep extensions
    30 (15 each arm) 20 lb renegade rows
    50 plank rockers

    4 sets of:
    25 45 lb goblet squats
    20 25 lb alternating DB shoulder press
    50 squat jumps
    50 flutter kicks

    3 sets of:
    1 165 lb sled sprint (60 yards)
    10 burpees
    *On my last set I did a 345 lb sled sprint (60 yards)

  12. Wednesday May 6
    Game. Played 60 minutes.

  13. May 4th-
    Club practice:
    50 yard sprints x 6, along with grid work

    May 6th-
    3 mile run
    120 yard lunges
    50 jump squats
    In sets of 3:
    10 push-ups
    25 side crunches (each side)
    25 bicycle crunches
    20 leg lifts

    Will be getting a gym membership at end of week to do the lifting

  14. May 6
    Game :) won 1-0 and played 70 minutes.
    Then four sets of:
    6 95lb squat jumps
    10 burpees
    8 Back squat (starting with 135 and adding five with each set)
    10 90lb lunges
    10 70lb hamstring curls on machine
    10 80lb leg press
    10 pull-ups
    10 pushups
    25 flutter kicks
    35 crunches
    --Ended with a 2-2min wall sits with 25lbs

    May 4
    Game. Played 85 minutes!
    After hit the weight room and lifted a variety
    4 sets of:
    8 70lb incline press
    10 pull-ups
    8 65lb bench press
    10 30lb bicep curls
    20 one-legged squats on bench
    Ended with 60 crunches, two minute plank, and two-2 min wall sits with 25lb

    1. Actually on May 4 it was 3 sets of everything not four.

  15. May 5
    2 hr club practice scrimmaged entire time

    May 6
    2 hr club practice (practice was moved from Thurs to Wed)
    20m footwork and agility + 5 shuttle runs
    30 crunches
    20 bicycles
    20 toe touches
    20 Russian twists x2
    20 jack knives x2

  16. Squats
    120 lb 12x 3 min
    130 6x 1 min 6x 3 min
    140 6x 1 min 6x 3 min
    Sets of twelve was hard. I kind of estimated weight..idk if it was too high but I split it into sets of six to consistently get good explosion because trying to get twelve was really hard.

    Split squats
    5lbs 10x
    3 sets
    I added 5lb dumbells to help with balance

    Leg raises
    3 sets 10

    70lb 10x 3 sets

    Emom 115lb
    Really good workout.
    Perfect amount of time
    And I felt just the right amount of tired haha

    45 min break-wasn't long enough but it's what worked with my schedule. 800s were probably slower because of the short break. The last two were all will power because I couldn't feel my legs...they were roasted by the second lap. I'm sure the landscape maintenance guys got a good laugh from my struggling face

    1. Yeah maybe see if you can spilt the works if possible, lifting in the morning and running in afternoons or evening. But your post was entertaining! Haha!

  17. My legs were soo sore after Monday's workout so this one was a little rough, but I managed to get it done!:)
    Back squat 80lbs, 85lbs, 90lbs
    Hanging leg towers were interesting but I tried:)
    Good mornings 55lbs
    Enom was a good workout!
    Running was done on the treadmill because there was not an open track, so I ran two miles in 14.23mins
    Also did yoga on Wednesday

    1. Well your going to hate Friday's workout haha! It's a 3 mile run!

  18. Back squat at 145, 155 and 165
    good mornings at 155 for 3x12
    emom cleans at 115 and it was pretty easy. I'll go up to 135 for sure next time
    runs at 3:43, 3:33, 3:28, 3:46

  19. Back squat at 145, 155 and 165
    good mornings at 155 for 3x12
    emom cleans at 115 and it was pretty easy. I'll go up to 135 for sure next time
    runs at 3:43, 3:33, 3:28, 3:46

  20. Back Squat: 105
    I added 5lb weights for the split squats on the second round and 10s for the last round - still focused on form and explosiveness but felt like I could add a challenge.
    Good Mornings: 65lbs
    Cleans: started at 90 but was a little ambitious... dropped down to 80-75 by the end. I always hate burpees....but it was a good workout!!
    Runs: 3:25, 3:40, 3:55, 3:47
    I didn't eat before the runs so I felt like I was running on empty...bad call. The third set was a huge mental battle for me, I was going to take extra rest afterward but decided to just suck it up for the last set and ended up doing better! Always room for improvement though.

    1. Awesome post! Mind over matter! When are you leaving for Europe?

  21. 800: 3:15, 3:19, 3:22, 3:20
    Swam over 1800yds

  22. May 7th-
    First round of the playoffs- Won 2-1
    Played all 80 minutes
    Pretty sore so took it a little light as the game for the second round is this Saturday

    2 hour Practice

    Back squat- 65,70,80lbs (12 reps)
    Rear Foot Elevated-x3(12reps)
    Hanging Leg- Little bit rough but got 10 in
    Good Mornings- 50Ibs
    Emom- 8 minutes
    2 power clings- 65lbs
    25 Russian Twists-x3
    25 Bicycles-x3
    10 Sit ups-x3
    25 Scissors-x3

    Couldn't get on the track today. But ran 2 miles- 14.52 minutes

  23. Back squat: 90, 95, 100
    Hanging Leg: Struggled.
    Good Mornings: 60 lbs
    EMOM: 8 minutes
    800 m: 3:30 3:34 3:42 3:38

    1. Good mornings are suppose to be really light if your doing it correctly, weight should be just the bar. Next time you do it take a video and sent it to me.

  24. Back: 90,95
    Hanging legs✔️
    Good mornings were different so I didn't put much weight on.
    I only did 2 800 bc of soccer practices we run a ton. And I can't feel my legs
    3:37, 3:34

  25. Back squat: 85, 90 lbs
    Used 10 lb Dumbbells on the lunges
    Running was 3:35 3:35 3:40 3:55

    My legs are SOOOO dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Leg press instead of squat, 3 sets of 10: 135, 155, 185.
    Hamstrings were shot from Monday, didn't do the good mornings. Did the gun show 3 times and lat pulls 3 sets of 10 at 45, 60, 60.
    For 8 EMOM did 1 hand DB snatch instead of cleans 2 times each arm with 25 lb DB.
    Practice with old club team for 1.5 hours with 20 minutes of agility.
    Will do 800's on Sunday.

  27. 2 hour practice
    3x10 backsquat 65/70/75%
    3x10 TRX rows
    3x10 split squat 75 lbs
    4x10 DB rows 25 lbs
    30 hang down 10 seconds
    "Gun show" 2 rounds
    Tabada abs 10 mins
    Planks 30/30/30 2 rounds
    Running was done in practice

  28. Back squat: 85 and 90
    Good morning 60lbs
    as for the running, my hip was bugging me so i did a slower 2 mile

    1. i did this workout yesterday, since i had a game on Tuesday played 90 minutes and took wednesday as my rest day

  29. Back Squat: 90, 95, 95
    (legs were pretty sore, definitely had to push through on the last set)
    Good morning: 50
    Enom was tough, but I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

    Its been pouring all week here in CO, so running given the weather was also a challenge.
    800 times: 3:28 3:36 3:40 3:34

  30. Goblet squat x12
    20 / 25 / 30

    Split x 10 (each leg)
    *supermans for active rest*

    10 hanging things - total crap form, very embarrassing ... Just tried to keep legs as straight as possible and not swing

    10 straight leg deadlift with 30 DB

    Did the EMOM as a DB clean.
    THEN Tracey told me it was supposed to be 8 burpees and I believed her without checking the blog … so I did 40 burpees in a row to make up for it.

    1) don't listen to tracey
    2) pay better attention to what I'm doing

    Didn't run the 800's figuring to run them tomorrow … but tomorrow never comes (great Garth Brooks song, terrible workout philosophy). Irritated