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This is for Kelsee Bone :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Black Sheep Workout of the Day July 24

Pioneer WOD
(use a partner if you can)

1 mile run for time – each athlete does 800 m – in 400 m intervals
(i.e. athlete 1 1st 400, athlete 2 2nd 400, athlete 1 3rd 400, athlete 2 last 400
300 Wall Balls for time as team, ball can never touch ground; transition must be made when ball is in air: (if working as a male/female pair, when either athlete ends set, one MUST begin next set)
500 double unders for time – team score
(if fractions occur, other P goes, i.e. if P1 does 80 in a row, then P2 has to go, and if P2 only does 4 in a row, P1 MUST go again right away)
2000m Row for time
(each P must rotate after 200m, resting P has to hold FLR position)
150 Calories on Airdyne
(must rotate after 30sec of work, resting P must hold hollow rock pos)

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