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Friday, June 19, 2015


Many of you have heard of, and maybe even follow, BEASTMODE SOCCER.  I recently purchased their training program and let me tell you - GREAT STUFF!   In addition to the technical training they have all kinds of other components and the recent mailer fits perfect with why we do the blog:  accountability.  We all know that when it comes to goal setting one of the most powerful tools is to share and say aloud what your goals are.  Having the body of your work out in public holds you to a standard that simply doesn't exist when you are going at things alone.

Here is the email from BEASTMODE SOCCER:

In a recent study at Virginia Polytechnic University, researchers divided people starting a walking program into two groups.
Every week, each individual in one group got a phone call asking how their exercise program was coming along, the other group got no calls.
At the end of 24 weeks, 45% of the individuals who got the phone calls were still walking compared to just 2% who did not receive calls.
The results show that weekly accountability increases the likelihood of sticking to a program by 2200%!
What does this mean to you and your soccer?
It means that having a trainer who can customize a program for your goals, show you how to implement drills for maximum efficiency and results, and provide a steady support system and accountability really IS the secret to your success.

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