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This is for Kelsee Bone :)

Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1, 2015

A) 1 1/4 Back sq. 6-8 reps x3 55%, 60%, 65% 
R:90 Sec. 
Watch the demo, 1 1/4 squats help strengthen your squat out of the bottom. Squat all the way down, then up to about to parallel or slightly below, return to the bottom, then recover fully to standing. This is to done with lighter weight focusing on technique and being explosive out of the bottom.
1 & 1/4 Back squats demo

B) Barbell Step Up 10 rep x3 
Start with just a barbell and then add weight, don't do more then 65lbs

B2) Seated Box Jumps 4 reps x3 R:2 min
On the seated box jumps, take your time and do each rep perfectly, use your hips to explode up. Start with a 20 in. or smaller box jump and then work your way up. 

C) Kettlebell Romanian Deadlift 8x3sets TEMPO of 31X1 
(3 sec count going down, 1 sec pause at the bottom, go up, 1 sec pause at the top)

D) AB Rollout with Barbell 8-10x3

15 minute amrap 
15 Kettlebell swings 
15 burpess 

Record how many rounds you complete 

2 x 800m w/ 3 min rest
2 x 200m w/ 90sec rest, 
2 x 400m w/ 2 min rest, 

Record your times


  1. Squats x8 at 65lbs, 65, 75
    Step ups with 15lb db
    Couldn't figure box jump so will do later
    Did regular dead lift x10 at 85,85,95
    Ab rollout with wheel

    Amrap 3 rounds+8 db swings (25lbs)

    Will run later :)

  2. I've published this comment at least 3 times and it never shows's to staying persistent before I throw my computer. :)

    I got double digits on the YoYo test (on our field, gotta love those speakers!)....pretty sure I died and came back to life. Oh to be young again......*sigh

    Music provided by Rihanna, The Weeknd, Queen Bey, and Jason Derulo....oh, and that English dude that I wanted to slap in the face because he kept telling me to "increase my speed". Pfft.

    Keep up the great work everyone!!!!

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  4. Hey guys! So here are some of the things I'm doing at physical therapy every other day of the week: single leg jumps with weight (3x30), single leg squats (4x20), high box jumps (4x20), single leg glute raises/bridges (4x20), nose crushers (3x10), single leg dead lifts (3x20), hamstring curls (4x20), single leg balance work and hip flexor band work. And since I'm not quite ready for sprinting, I've been doing 45-60 minutes of endurance work everyday.

    1. Meeeegggaaaan!! It's been so long since I've heard your beautiful voice! Reading your blog post is the closest I can get ;)

  5. Squat: 55, 60, 65, 70 4x6

    Barbell step up: 10x3 (each leg) using 45 lb bar

    Seated box jumps: 4x3 I'll post a picture of the boxes cause I'm not sure what height they were

    Kettle bell roman dead lift: 8x3 using 40 lb kettle bell

    *Didn't do ab roll out

    Amrap 7 rounds + 5 kb swings (used a 20 lb kettle bell)

    Ended with 10 pull ups

    1. I don't know how to post a picture?

    2. You can email it to me instead

  6. Still supposed to be careful with my shoulder so today I did the mile test i couldn't do on Wednesday because of graduation! I ran it in 6:44 then did and and then bleachers

    1. What happened to your shoulder? Dont do any weighted upper body exercises while its hurt!

  7. Had a tournament with my club team this weekend and played three 70 minute games. We won two and lost one. Will do battery test and mile tomorrow

    1. nice job on the wins! yeah just get those tests in when you can!

  8. Still have a concussion and haven't been cleared. Hoping tomorrow I do to atleast start doing something

  9. X biking class 1 hour
    1 hour bike ride outside with mom
    Coed soccer game: had two goals...and I've been working on keeping my cuts tighter and today in the game I cut this guy twice in the box to try and create space for a shot and he literally FELL straight on his BUTT!!! Unfortunately I missed the shot cause I was too excited because I totally broke his ankles...and he was super embarrassed but I was beaming. It was the coolest thing!! Just had to share a proud moment :) and to say the least it's motivation to keep working on my foot skills haha

    1. I went to go "like" this comment and was disappointed there was no like button... so I'm letting you know by comment I like this :)

  10. ...and I will be doing this workout tomorrow

  11. Still not cleared to lift. Just did body weight stuff.
    800: 3:25, 3:28
    200: 30 32
    400: 1:34 1:35

  12. 800. 3:26. 3:33
    200. 37. 38
    400. 1:44. 1:48

    Took an extra minute after first 400

    So far in 2015 the hardest physical accomplishments I've had are
    1. Giving birth
    2. Running that first 400

    Holy smokes. I was so tired I laid on the turf. Yea, that's right. Germ infested sicksss football field turf.


    1. Literally just laughed out loud...way to kill it

    2. Seriously just laughed for a least a minute!

  13. Had my max day today we only did 3 things today (will do back squat and bench press on Thursday)
    -one rep front squat max went from 160 to 170
    -One rep hang clean went from 115 to 125 (almost had 130)
    -And my old assisted pull up for 3 went to 2 non assisted pull ups
    ( I have always struggled with pull ups so I was happy to do some on my own)

  14. Trained with my trainer:
    1000m row
    Slide broad side to side-1:30
    Slide broad mountain climbers-20sec
    Side Shuffle w/resistance-20yds
    5 sets:
    55lbs- deadlift-15reps
    Slide broad pikes-10reps
    3setsx10- sledge hammer hitting a tire things-15lb bar
    30 reps- pull up dips

    800m- 3:18, 3:22
    200m- 38, 40
    400m- 1:39, 1:41

  15. Couldn't measure exactly for the running but I did a 45 minute run through town. Tried to kind of replicate the runs with increasing my speed (quite a bit) for 3-4 minutes then slowing down and repeating, and then did the same twice for 1-2 minutes and then sprinted hard twice. Took some slow jogging rest in between each set.
    Slightly modified a previous workout from last summer, 100 bw squats, 100 sit-ups, 65 push-ups need to keep pushing my arm strength, and 65 supine pull ups. 3 1min planks and 25 box jumps.
    This was on Monday, today I did a stair workout for 30 minutes alternating between every step and every other.

  16. Squats
    115 6x
    125 6x
    125 6x
    Legs sore from run. Kept it at 125 so I could finish all six without failing.

    Step ups
    45 10x 3 sets
    Plyo box either 18 or 24 in...maybe somewhere inbetween...came two inches above my knees. 3 sets

    R. Deadlifts
    30lb kettle bell 8x 3 sets

    Ab rollouts 8x 3 sets

    6 rounds and one more set of 15 swings. 25lb kettle bell

  17. Did ankle rehab and seam 5 times back and forth at the beach

  18. 1 1/4 back squats 3x8 55, 70, 75lbs
    barbell step up 3x10 40, 40, 50lbs
    seated box jumps (these are fun)
    russian db deadlifts 3x8 35lbs
    ab roll out (not as fun)
    **didnt get to the amrap, because I had to go to practice...

    2 hour practice with fitness

    1. glad you thought the seated box jumps were fun!!!!

  19. Saturday, May 30th-
    1 set of:
    100 Body Weight Squats
    90 Cross Body Mountain Climbers
    80 Lunges (40 each side)
    70 Toe Touches
    60 Leg Lifts
    1000 meter row
    40 15 lb MB Slams
    30 Push Ups
    20 Pull Ups…I used the smallest black band which accounts for about 10 lbs of your body weight so I was pretty happy)
    10 Burpees

    I finished in 30 minutes so my strength coach added-
    25 15 lb DB Push Press
    50 Power Knees
    60 yard suicide (I jogged it because my shins are still bothering me)
    25 15 lb DB Push Press
    30 (15 each side) Side Plank Dips
    60 (30 each side) Plank Rockers
    1 minute 30 seconds plank hold
    30 (15 each side) Side Plank Dips

    Monday, June 1st-
    4 sets of:
    30 yard 165 lb Sled Push Chest Press
    15 Push Ups
    30 (15 each side) Russian Twists

    3 sets of:
    12 65lb Goblet Squats
    20 (10 each side) Plank Arm Sweeps

    4 sets of:
    15 Plank Pushes
    100 Bicycles

    4 sets of:
    15 Hanging Leg Raises (I’ve been able to make them harder and get my legs to 90 degrees instead of doing knee raises :))
    30 yard 165 lb Light Sled Push Sprint

    1. sled work is awesome for increasing strength and power! keep having your trainer program it in your workouts! Good work on the hanging leg raises! Those are tough!

  20. Wasn't able to get to the gym. Did the running.
    800: 3:14, 3:14
    200: 44, 40
    400: 1:31, 1:34

  21. Dot drill x2 52 sec the first time 51 sec the second time
    Heavy rope 2x50
    Squats 3x10
    Lunges 30 each leg while holding 25 lbs in each hand
    Calf raises holding 25 lbs in each hand
    Press 3x10
    Laterals/frontals 3x10
    Shrugs 3x10
    Seated box jumps x3
    Cleans 2 sets of 55lbs

  22. Sorry I'm a little late on the post, had family dinner after my work out and forgot to write it down. I was dying!

    Squat: 70, 70, 75
    Step ups: 45, 55, 65
    + the rest :)

    800: 3:29, 3:34
    Took an 8 minute rest and drank some water. I was feeling light headed.
    200: 30, 35
    400: 1:33, 1:25

  23. Completed workout.
    Running: 800: 3:33, 3:39
    400: 1:29, 1:33
    200: 34, 33

  24. 3:17
    2:00(I was so tired I thought I was going to die, took a longer break and felt better)

  25. Back squat at 155, 165, 175
    RDL at 50lb kettle bell
    AMRAP: 8 rounds KB swings, 7 rounds burpees

  26. Running, 3:02, 3:10, 3:12
    1:27, 1:24
    30, 37