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This is for Kelsee Bone :)

Sunday, June 7, 2015

June 8, 2015


A) 1 1/4 Back sq.6-8 X4 55%, 60%, 65%, 70% , R:90 Sec.
1 1/4 Back Squat Demo
B1) Barbell Step Up 10 rep x4
B2) Seated Box Jumps 5 x4 R:2 min
Seated Box Jumps Demo
C)Kettlebell RDL with a Tempo of 30x1 6-8  reps x4
D) AB Roll out 10x4

18 Min amrap

5 Thrusters @ 65 lbs/ 10 Air Squats if you need to modify 
10 Burpees 
25 double unders/ 50 single Jump rope if you need to modify 

Dont worry about killing it or getting 20 rounds, the goal is to do the amrap with taking as little rest as possible. Try to pace yourself, focus on breathing during all the exercises. Just keep moving, fight the urge to stop or to just take a little break. Work the whole 18 minutes.

4 x 400m w/ R:90 sec

4 x 200m w/ R:60 sec  

Record your times


  1. 1:20
    1:36 felt sorry for myself ... Took extra 30 seconds rest

    Long :42

    Favorite things about this run
    1. Blood taste in lungs / impending feeling of vomit
    2. 90 seconds of rest (really, who needs more than that?)
    3. When you're 30 yards from finish line... .... And an ad comes on Pandora :'(
    4. Being done and that feeling of being exhausted but strong. I conquered the day and it's only 745am

  2. 400's
    1. 1:30 (knew I Wasn't pushing it)
    2. 1:21
    3. 1:20
    4. 1:22

    1. 38
    2. 39
    3. 36
    4. 39

    I should eat something before I workout but I don't cause I don't know what won't hurt my stomach more. Any suggestions from anyone?

    1. I drink water and have a granola bar and maybe a banana. Then ill eat right after I'm done

  3. Back squat: 5x6 @ 45, 55, 65, 75, 75
    Barbell step ups: 2x10@45lbs, 2x10@55lbs
    Kettle bell RDL: 4x8@40lbs

    Amrap: completed 5 rounds. On the thrusters I used 55 lbs and all the jump ropes were double unders. Holy cow am I exhausted! The hardest/favorite part of this work out was those double unders... I look like I got beat from the rope whipping me! (My best sequence was 13 in a row)

  4. Also going to do this in Mexico. Sorry I'm a little behind on the workouts

    1. send me your email and i can send you some travel workouts

  5. 400s
    1:31- hamstrings on fire

    1:30 rest. Major cramps. Not feeling good at this point. Just need to finish.
    Would've don't better on 200s if my stomach hadnt acted up...but I still finished

  6. W/trainer-
    1000m Row
    2 sets:
    Kettle bell deadlift x12-25lbs
    Kettle bell deadlift x12-40lbs
    5 sets:
    Back squat x12-65lbs
    5 sets:
    20 yard-lunges-45lbs
    5 sets:
    x20-medicine ball 15lbs- sit-ups
    5 sets:
    Ring hanging leg lifts x10
    500m row- cool down

    Hour and a half training/practice

  7. Squats
    95, 105, 115, 125
    Went lighter cause I'm not flexible enough to go deep and heavy without straining my back

    Step ups
    50lbs 10reps 4x
    Seated box jumps 5r4x

    Rdl 50lb kettle bell 8r4x

    Shoulder still hurts so I did planks instead
    4x 1min

    I did the ten air squats
    7 rounds and got to 7 double unders on the 8th.
    Got all 25 in a row on the fourth round! I was inspired by bones to try for a record in a row...thanks bones for killin it and pushing me!!

    My 15 year old sister joined me today and it was such a blast working out with her. She worked her trash of and got five rounds with the 50 singles and did step ups with 30lbs. What a great day

    1. Way to kill it Logan! Good job on getting 25 in a row!!!Work on your flexibility/mobility.

  8. 1 1/4 Back squat 7 x 4
    Barbell Step Up
    Seated Box Jumps
    Kettlebell RDL
    8 minute ab workout

    Ran out of time to do the Amrap, so I will do that and the running tonight after I get off of work.

  9. Sorry these past two days have been kind of crazy for me, will make this workout up.

  10. the past week have been really busy with end of the year/graduation activities so i haven't been able to do the workouts exactly! but last Wednesday and Friday I ran 3 miles, and on Sunday I played a full 90 min game.
    ill get back on them when all the craziness slows down :)

  11. Still doing therapy 3x a week and that works my lower body a lot. I also have been going to the gym 3x a week to do upper body. They only let me bike 10 minutes right now at therapy, so I always race the old people next to me :) Keep up the good work everyone!

  12. Still doing therapy 3x a week and that works my lower body a lot. I also have been going to the gym 3x a week to do upper body. They only let me bike 10 minutes right now at therapy, so I always race the old people next to me :) Keep up the good work everyone!

  13. I tried out the amrap yesterday and got 13 rounds (with modification of 10 air squats and 50 single jumps). But I realized that I was doing it wrong becuase I didn't include the push up part in the I did it again today and got 8 rounds. I did air squats again but challenged myself to do double unders this time. I kinda struggled with it and couldn't do as well as the others...funny because I was so good at jump roping as a little kid and now I can't even do double unders for more than 10 times in a row! I feel like I could've pushed myself a little more.
    Was gonna go on a run but it started raining (which is pretty rare in LA)!! Will do it tomorrow

    1. Double unders are tough! Just keep working on it!

  14. I was on a cruise for this workout. I went on around a 8 mile bike ride along the coast & through the city of Catalina. When I got back on the ship, I did the running. It was a track on the top level. The measurements were strange so I'm not sure if this is completely accurate and the boat was moving so it was incredibly windy.
    400: 1:32, 1:38, 1:38, 1:37
    200: 37,37, 38, 36