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This is for Kelsee Bone :)

Friday, June 26, 2015

June 27, 2015-Mental Resiliency Tester

150 Wall Balls for time:

Shoot for 8 minutes.

Use 14lbs WB, if thats to heavy then use a 10lbs WB. When you record your time let me know what weight you used.


  1. I got cleared to do running today so I did an agility workout! My shins felt good and didn't ache so thats good :)

    Friday, June 26th-
    1 set of:
    5 30 yd Stagger Sprints
    4 30 yd Suicide and then Karaoke on the way back
    10 (5 each side) Side Step Hurdle to Sprint
    10 30 yd T-Sprints
    1 10 minute Ladder Drills

  2. Did 150 wall balls in 8:24 with a 14lbs ball. Beat my last time by 11 seconds so I'm pretty happy with it!

  3. Didn't have a med ball at home but my dad had resistance bands so I got resistance on the way up and a little on the way down but not a ton during the squat. It was probably 10-12 lbs resistance. I did 150 in 6:07. Then I did 300 variety abs with my sister Valerie cause she had todo that for volleyball.

  4. Just played 2 games as CB. Won both times 😁

  5. I drove home from California today and wasn't able to make it to the gym. I did the yoyo test when I got home. I posted the results on Mondays blog.