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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

June 17, 2015

A) Sumo deadlift 6 reps @65%, 70%, 75%, 80%, 85%  x5 R:2 min
B)Glute Bridges with barbell 8-10 x5 
R:60 sec
C) Single leg med ball Hamstring curl 6-8 each leg x5 
R:60 sec 
D1)GHD sit-up 10 x5
D2)GHD Back extension 10 x5

EMOM 15 minutes
2 Power Cleans @ 80% + 4 reverse lunges with an empty barbell or light Dumbbells in Front Rack Postion. 

Rest 6 hour minimum before running

10 MIN EMOM-Sprinting 
Ladder sprints
On the top of every minute sprint. Whatever time you have left is recovery.
Set cones up at 10yds-15yds-30yds

To Break it down-sprint 10 and back, 15 and back, and 30 and back, on the top of every minute for 10 minutes.   


  1. sumo deadlift: 55, 60, 75, 85, 95
    Single leg med ball hamstring curl felt weird so I did the two leg hamstring curl with a bigger ball.
    I also did a five minute upper body strength workout.
    The workout was good today. I feel tired and my arms and legs feel a little jello like haha so I think that's a good sign. While watching the world cup I have noticed how much they push themselves to make certain runs and how tired they look by half, so I have used that as motivation in my workouts to push myself so that I am able to push myself on the field too.

  2. oh and I will do the running tomorrow.

  3. I was out of town so I couldn't do the posted workouts, but I've been running 5-6 miles everyday + simple workouts like situps, pushups, and air squats.
    Today: glute bridges 10x5, single leg med hamstring curls 8x5 each leg, ghd situp 10x5 and ghd back 10x5
    What does EMOM mean again? I'm doing the running later today

    1. Every minute on the minute. So basically at the start of each minutes you begin the exercises and then whatever time you have left is rest until the minute is over and then you do another round of the exercises. Does that make since?

  4. Still on my physical therapy grind...the bike bouts have been killing me. 10 sets of 30 sec sprint on the bike on resistance level 12 keeping the rpm above 220 & 30 seconds slow biking.

    1. I've been watching our womens team play & I hope we find some chemistry up top so we start scoring some goals! They seem a little off right now. Hope everyone is having a good summer, keep up the hard work!

  5. Chilli dog not treating me well but did all of them under 30 sec. Proud of that.

  6. I was on a little island today so I didn't exactly have the resources, but for my workout I went kayaking and I was a in a double with my mom who got tired about 2 minutes in and it was an hour kayak ride... So I carried our team and got a good arm workout in!

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  8. deadlifts: 65, 70, 75, 80, 85 lbs
    glute bridges: 8x 1min holds.. <<i didnt know how to do them with a to you do that?
    single leg hamstring curls: 8x5 on each leg
    sit ups w/ 10 lb weight: 10x5
    back extensions: 10x5
    emom was tiring

    I finished the lifting at 6:45ish so i didnt have time to wait 6 hrs to do the sprints, so i did a calmer run of 800m jog then a set of bleachers and i did 4 rounds of those. I'll do the sprint EMOM in the morning tomorrow

  9. Logan, I feel you. I had sloppy joes for dinner and they didn't like that I was going running.

    I've been moving all day and couldn't make it before they closed but I went to the fields and ran all of mine in 24-27 seconds.

  10. Tuesday:
    Trained with my trainer:
    1000m row
    Slide board side to side-1:30
    Slide board mountain climbers-30sec
    5 sets:
    20 yd bear crawl- forward&backward
    20 yd lunges- forward&backward
    20yd side shuffle w/resistance
    20yd sprint/ backpedal back
    5 sets:
    Front squat-45lbs-10x
    5 sets:
    Freemotion One handed row each side hand -50lbs-10x
    10 push-ups
    5 sets:
    over head press-db 15lbs each-12x
    500m row cool down
    Full 90 minute game( played 70 minutes) won 4-1, played good, had a lot of shots on frame but none could seem to find the back of the net.

  11. Did the running yesterday (Wednesday June 17th) And I really liked this type of workout!

    Did lifting today (Thursday) and Just kinda did my own thing bc I'm hitting my wall a little bit... So I did ( 2 ) 10 min every min on min Workouts.

    1st one was 10 double unders + 3 ball push ups

    2nd one was 10 box jumps + 2 pull ups

    Update on the muscle ups: they're hard as hell... Still trying but nowhere close hah

  12. Sumo:45, 50, 50, 55, 60
    I did Regular hammy curls 30 10x5
    For the emom, I did the bar. My knee was bothering me so I didn't do the running & I iced it. I'll get back at it hard tomorrow.

  13. Sumos at 225
    barbell plus 30 for hammys

    the sprints werent that bad. very doable