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This is for Kelsee Bone :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


To get us from one hump day to the next I'd like to pose a fun challenge :)

Find a random act of competitiveness and post the story to the comment section.

My example would be this:

During my mile run there was this cute old lady walking around the track.  I am positive she is the woman from the prancercise video (which if you haven't seen this video --immediately go there and watch it ... pretty amazing  anyways, as I was running I passed her twice and both times I felt a sudden spurt of speed as I approached her and passed her.  Totally crushed that cute old lady!!


So basically, it can be anytime of competition - the other person/people don't even need to know that they're in a competition.

Feel free to post more than one story if you are one of those folks who compete at everything.


  1. Last week my little brother (who is a senior and bigger than me haha) invited his friend over. We all ended up playing soccer in the backyard. After a while of just messing around his friend challenged me to a 1v1 to our pug goal (first one to score wins). So I got to start with the ball and nutmeged him and scored the goal. He was mortified so he called for a second round. He scored first that time. Tie breaker round....pride and a Jamba Juice were one the line. I got to start with the ball. It went back and forth for a while between steals or missed shots, but finally I juked him with a stepover for the win!!! Jamba Juice here I come :) better luck next time Yardley ;)

  2. Earlier this week a friend of mine and I decided to play some tennis. We started out with best 2 out of 3 in which I got crushed (that round didn't last very long). Needing redemption I challenged them to another round of best 2 out of 3. This round had a huge improvement and it went back and fourth. It was fun but still an underlying competitiveness was holding that drive to keep playing. Finally we were going to end it on a best 3 out of 5. We had a blast while still playing our hardest (because I wasn't leaving without at least one win). We had ended up playing for much longer than intended, probably a couple of hours because the competitiveness kept it fun and interesting.

  3. I considered this competitive within myself.. So I decided to go on my longest run ever.

    And damn. Props to people who run marathons. haha. I ran through (and ate) probably 20 bugs as well as got attacked by a snake but I was proud of myself for how far I ran but defiantly won't be signing up for any races any time soon. 😊

    1. YOU GOT ATTACKED BY A SNAKE?! That's not just something you casually mention bones hahaha
      And great job on the running, btw

  4. The other day I went on a run with my roommate here and after about 5 minutes of running I could tell she ran far slower than me and since I didn't wanna run too far apart and end up losing her (because she doesn't have a phone here) I decided to change the method of running from just a long run into a little bit of a sprint workout.
    I would jog with her until there was a long stretch and then I would sprint as hard as I could to a predetermined point and then take the time it took her to jog to me as a rest. It wasn't really competitive with her, but it was kind of a competition with myself to push myself really hard on the sprints. And also to figure out a way to make the best of the situation instead of jogging reeeeally slow and not getting much out of it.

  5. me and chad(my boyfriend) have always been super competitive in anything especially soccer. So when we would go to academy(school soccer practice) and we would play eachother we would get soooo competitive and if someone megged the other or if the other scored we would get soooo pissed! Lol this still happens! We played the cross bar challenge the other day and we were literally tied and we were getting so pissed cause we weren't hitting the last shot, but I finally got it!!! So I got to rub it in his face a little ;)

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  7. Ok so mine was kind of just with myself but I went and did the running the other morning and my old high school coach was there (who I didn't particularly like-he didn't think I was the greatest player) so as I was doing sprints I kept thinking to myself I needed to show him and every high school soccer player that was at the field that I was faster and better than I had been back in high school, so I pushed myself as hard as I possibly could, and even though I was super tired I was proud of myself for proving him wrong and showing him that hard work has paid off

  8. Not exactly a competition buuuutttt more of like a little life challange I got my sister who hates working out (I would say it runs in the family but nobody runs in this family besides me a little;)) to come to the gym with me the other day and I taught her some basic lifts and techniques. It was great to teach her and help her out.

  9. Well I played chess with a friend the other day and was literally yelling at the chess board... I tend to like to win in board games, a lot. And when I don't, i employ every strategy I have to make the opponent mess up so I can win. I ended up winning so it wasnt that bad :)