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This is for Kelsee Bone :)

Saturday, June 20, 2015

June 20, 2015-Mental Resiliency

Mental resiliency or mental toughness is an attribute that allow a person to persevere through difficult circumstances.

Mental Resiliency workout is:

Death by burpees.

You go until you can't go anymore. This is a true Mental Resiliency test, its up to you if you keep going or if you give up. Push yourself!!

First minute- 1 burpee
Second minute-2 burpee
Third minute-3 burpee
Forth minute-4 burpee
Fifth minute-5 burpee
Six minutes-6 burpee
seven minutes-7
eight minute-8
ninth minute-9
10th minute-10
Go until go can't do the number of burpees in that minute. So if your On your 13th minute and you can't get 13 burpees in by the 14th minute, your done.

Rest 5 minutes 

Death by sprints.

Place cones 15 yards apart

First minute- 1 sprint
Second minute-2
Third minute-3
Forth minute-4
Fifth minute-5
Six minutes-6.....


  1. Burpees Completed minute 13
    Sprints completed 12 minute plus 10 more sprints

  2. Burpees completed min 14
    Short on time so just ran for 8 min. 30 sec sprint/30 sec jog

  3. I've been struggling to get workouts in with my work schedule (I seem to want to stay in bed instead of get up and get the workout over before I head to work at 6) but I'm working on it! I completed minute 13 on burpees and completed minute 13 on the sprints

  4. Burpees: completed 14
    Sprints: completed 13

  5. I'm still not feeling that great so im going to try this tomorrow

  6. Sorry I haven't been posting for the past couple days... I got horrible food poisoning and was out for 4 days. I did go to the gym when I started to feel better, but just took it light.

    Friday, June 19th-
    4 sets of:
    5 30" box jumps
    6 (3 each leg) Knee Hugs

    3 sets of:
    30 (15 each leg) SL TRX Leg Curls

    3 sets of:
    20 (10 each side) Stability Chops High to Low
    20 (10 each side) 12 lb MB Over the Shoulder Throw

    3 sets of:
    24 (12 each leg) SL Elevated Glute Bridge
    30 (15 each side) Plank Toe Taps
    15 Sliding Leg Curls
    80 (40 each side) Russian Twists