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Thursday, June 25, 2015


So I ran the mile today to see how things have improved


Well it went a little like this:
24 second improvement, but didn't reach my goal (fell short by 9 seconds).  Hmmm am I happy with the improvement or upset I didn't reach my goal?   Both.

When I saw the result there is a natural inclination to jump on the excuse train (because I didn't reach my goal)...  "well, I got to the track and it was full so I had to come home, switch gear and run surface streets - which is fraught with obstacles and imperfect lines" ….   or  "I didn't get to train during camp because I worked 80 hours and spent spare time with Cooper"  ….  or  <insert any excuse here: "busy" "tired" "sick" "burned out">

The way I see it though they aren't excuses per se - they are just ways to repackage the choices we make.  I could have worked out during camp.  Tracey would have watched Cooper in the morning so I could run and lift.  There WAS time to do it.   BUT my choice is to be a mom when it comes head to head with training.  So had I chosen to workout, I probably would have reached my goal.  But my MOST IMPORTANT GOAL is to be a good mom.  So I have to put in perspective the results.  I made choices that led to this result.   You all have to do the same.

One additional comment is be happy with what you're doing if you know you're doing your best.  I forget (most of the time) to celebrate success because always lurking is the "what if I would have xyz" - the ominous idea that I can always do better.   Sometimes what we are doing IS our best for the circumstances that we're in at the time.   I didn't blow off training to eat donuts and run wild.  I occasionally did a workout that wasn't on the blog just so I could do something -- but ultimately that was an easy way out and consciously I know I didn't pick what was best, but instead was happy with doing something versus doing nothing.

It's a complicated matter being a competitive athlete.  I have been in y'alls place before (summer training for a fall sport) and tried to follow the blog this summer the best I could to sort of "walk a mile in your shoes" so to speak.  To assess if what we were asking was unreasonable, too easy or not helpful.  I've found Charly's programming to be excellent.  The workouts are long, but I've broken them up smartly to fit my schedule and done the very very best I could.   With the exception of the last 6/10 days I've followed it pretty exact.   I sincerely hope that you all took the opportunity to utilize Charly's expertise.

Next time I run the mile, it will be better.  Not by magic.  But by continuing to train and make good choices.   The human body is capable of incredible things.  Never put a cap on your potential.   Don't see a 6:30 mile as a point where you should stop improving.  Break barriers.  Push yourself.    Champions are made, not born.

Last but not least --> enjoy your break when you see Charly post it 

If you have a personal trainer - cancel it.   If you haven't been training and think "oh crap I better get going" wait until the break is over.   With the exception of the people playing organized soccer right now (Shelby, Taylor, Haley ?) everybody is OFF.

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