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This is for Kelsee Bone :)

Friday, June 19, 2015

June 19, 2015

A) 2 Stict Press + 4 push press complex x5
rest 60 sec  

Use 15-25 lbs 6-8 x5 Rest 60 sec

C1) 2 Wall Climb-Wall Climb Demo 
C2) 10 Hand Release push up-HR Push-up
C3) 30 sec bar hang X5
rest 1 min
D1 hollowbody rocks         
D2 arch body rocks     
60 sec/30 sec rest x5

Rowing Practice-Rowing Demo
Zone 1 for 20 Minutes 


Run 2 miles @ 7:50 pace


  1. 85, 85, 95, 95, 105
    Tgu- 45lb
    Completed c1-c3
    20 hollow rollsx4
    Did the hero wod Arnie in 13:30

    21 Tgu R arm
    50 kbs
    21 single arm ohs L arm
    50 kbs
    21 single arm ohs R arm
    50 kbs
    21 tgu L arm


  2. Trained with my trainer:
    1000m row
    Slide board side to side-1:30
    Slide board mountain climbers-30sec
    5 sets:
    20 yd sled push forward&back-75lbs
    5 sets:
    Eccentric pull-ups-10x
    5 sets:
    Jump squats w/resistance-20x
    5 sets:
    Bench press- 70lbs-10x
    3 sets:
    over head press-30lbs-12x
    500m row cool down

  3. Did the running from the other day
    4x4min w 2 min rest
    4x2min w 1 min rest

    .57 slight downhill
    .57 that was a rough one

    .27 what goes down must come up(hill)
    .23 wow
    .24 - ran up that gross mini bump to my house and was debating a) resting longer b) stopping or c) calling for a ride but then Bruno Mars "you're amazing" came on so I turned that shiZ up and ran the last rep. It was most def a sign to keep going *sidebar: I want to be a billionaire came on after that so hopefully THAT means something too

    Good to be back after an 80 hour work week with 250 residential campers :D

  4. Did my running ran two miles in 14:07

  5. did all lifting, and some extra ab stuff
    I liked the wall climbs..they are very new to me and i thought they were fun to try!
    Then 4mile beach/dune run

  6. Did wall climbs, push-ups, arch body, & hollow body's.
    Running: 14:12
    Split: 7:13, 6:59

  7. did the running, forgot to post
    trained for two hours with Nike crossfit trainer
    ran a mile and a half then did static stretches

  8. Presses at 105

    wall walks and hand stand holds are still really hard for me.

    running, finished in 15:40( ive had a cold all week so i think that why my time was so slow)

  9. Completed the workout, but I didn't have time to complete the rowing before I had to go to work.
    Running: 15:20