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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Announcing Summer Camp Information (updated)

The Junior Thunder Academy & Teen T-Bird Camp

The Junior Thunder Academy focuses on teaching the basic technical skills of soccer. We create a fun and educational training environment that will keep campers engaged and having fun while learning their technical skills.
Basic technical skills such as dribbling, receiving, passing, and, finishing will be broken down and taught in an easy to learn way. The campers are given the opportunity to practice their skills through repetition in fun games and small sided matches.
The Junior Thunder Academy is designed for campers 4 - 9 years of age. Upon written request campers not meeting this age requirement may be admitted, please contact us for more information.

The Teen T-Bird Camp is designed with the same curriculum in mind as the Junior Thunder Academy, but takes the skills learned in the 4 different components and teaches them in more specific and challenging ways.  The emphasis is still on fun and learning, but we aim to create a bit more of a challenging environment as the players get older.

Junior T-bird Academy Date:
July 25-27
9 am - noon


Teen T-Bird Camp
July 25-27
4 pm - 8 pm


Competitive Camp
The competitive camp takes the Junior Thunder curriculum to the next level. We create a competitive training environment that will keep campers engaged, challenged, and having fun while learning and fine tuning their technical skills and expanding their tactical knowledge.

Intermediate technical skills; such as multi-surface passing/receiving, fakes and feints, and advanced finishing. Both the principles of offense and defense will be covered, topics such as combination play, when to dribble versus when to pass, and group defending. We will also introduce campers to full field team tactics.

The competitive camp is designed for campers 8 - 11 years of age. Upon written request campers who do not fall within these age parameters may be considered for admittance, please contact us for more information.

Competitive Camp Date:
July 16-19
Boys Time: 9 am - 1pm
Girls Time: 4 pm - 8pm


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