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This is for Kelsee Bone :)

Monday, June 4, 2012


Once during the week is a 3-5 mile run

Second run of the week should be 16 rounds of the 18-yard box test we did at the end of the year. 
To review the standards for the run:

Run from one side of the 18 yard box to the other, touch the line and return to where you started.  :)  Run the LONG ways of the 18 yard box.   It is 44 yards down and 44 back for a total of 88 yards.   This should take you 16 seconds.   Then you rest for the rest of the minute, and ON THE MINUTE run again.

After 8 rounds then you get an extra minute of rest (so 1:44 total rest) and then repeat 8 runs.

If you can't find a soccer field to run on, just run on a football field and go to the 45 yard line and back (start on the one yard line so you are turning on a bold line)

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